DAY 236 - NOVEMBER 12, 2011


Reports have begun to surface about Syrian President Bashar Al Assad's security forces arresting doctors and pharmacists who have been supplying medical treatment to protesters at state hospitals. The city of Homs is pummeled with tank fire and heavy artillery, causing the most destruction in one location to date. As a punishment for repeated human rights violations, Syria is suspended from the Arab League.   

You can hear heavy boots clomping on the stone steps that lead up to your apartment. You are used to making the hand-signal for Emad and Yara to be quiet. At this point they realize the urgency of the situation as much as you do. You feel horrible that Emad had to see the Syrian army kill a man below their balcony. Most people never see a dead body in real life. Emad, on the other hand, had to see an execution at the tender age of 10. As the boots get closer there is still time to do something, climb over the balcony, anything. You are convinced they are coming to take you away, take you away because you are the wife of a traitor. 

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