DAY 237 - NOVEMBER 13, 2011


Reports have begun to surface about Syrian President Bashar Al Assad's security forces arresting doctors and pharmacists who have been supplying medical treatment to protesters at state hospitals. The city of Homs is pummeled with tank fire and heavy artillery, causing the most destruction in one location to date. As punishment for repeated human rights violations, Syria is suspended from the Arab LeagueHundreds of thousands of supporters, of the Syrian government, have turned up in Latakia, hometown of embattled president Bashar Al Assad, to rally against the decision of the Arab League. Consequently, security forces during the night have conducted early morning crackdowns on thousands of homes known to be safehouses for opposition leaders. Syria Human Rights Watch condemns the crackdowns, but their calls fall deaf on the international community. Less than a month has passed since the Libyan Civil War, which culminated in rebel victory when Muammar Gaddafi was killed on October 20th. Invigorated by the outcome in Libya, Free Syrian Army rebels are amassing in droves to continue the liberations of the Arab Spring. 

Suddenly you hear the recognizable sound of splintering wood followed by a bang and a crash. Two men armed with assault rifles, dressed in desert fatigues, are now standing in your living room. Yara begins to cry. The men hold up their weapons. They point them at you and your children and ask if you are married to Ali. If you know where he is. If you are involved with the Free Syrian Army. If you have been on the streets during the Friday protests. You hesitate...

  1. You answer yes, Ali is your husband, but you haven't seen him for months after he left your family in April. You thought he was dead.
  2. You answer yes, Ali is your husband, that you have talked to him on Skype not too long ago and you think he is now in Deir Ez Zor. You tell them that is all you know and that you and your family have done nothing wrong.
  3. You answer no, Ali is not your husband, that you think they have the wrong house and that your husband is in Amman on business.