DAY 34 - APRIL 23, 2011


Tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets for "the Great Friday." Over 100 people are killed, across 10 cities in Syria. It is the bloodiest day of the uprising thus far.

One of those killed is Zaheen, Ali's sister. Zaheen is crossing the street in Damascus in the early morning when a stray bullet, amongst the crossfire, catches her in the neck. Ali finds out from his uncle, after the friday prayers, as we walk towards the protest. Ali is solemn but eventually says he cannot stand ideally any longer as Assad's security forces massacre innocent Syrians. He tells you that he is going to Damascus with his uncle to help the opposition. He asks you to take care of Emad and Yara. He tells you he loves you and that he will come back when he is finished. He says he will avenge Zaheen and crush Assad. And then, like that, he is gone, leaving you alone against the echoes of thousands chanting, "the people are stronger than the Regime."