DAY 34 - APRIL 23, 2011


Tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets for "the Great Friday." Over 100 people are killed, across 10 cities in Syria. It is the bloodiest day of the uprising thus far.

You understand that today is an important day in the future of Syria but you also understand that your family will take precedence in the matter. You and Ali also believe that it may be too dangerous for you today. He seems to know something that you don't. It's then that he gets the phone call in your apartment. One of his relatives, his sister Zaheen, has been killed by a stray bullet in Damascus. There is a moment of breathless silence before he tells you firmly that now he must go underground. In order to avenge Zaheen he must leave. He tells you again to not go on the streets, but don't need him to tell you twice. Contrary to you initial beliefs, he tells you that this will not end quickly. He doesn't tell you flat out that he will be taking up arms, but you have a premonition. You know that he has been leaving to meet with other opposition members during the middle of the night. Even though you want to be by Ali's side, you know that you would only get in the way. You pick up Yara in your arms, wipe some dust off of her nubile face, and tell Ali that you will take care of his children. It's not long before he kisses you softly and then leaves the apartment, this time maybe for good.