A full blown civil war has erupted in Syria and its flashpoint, the city of Daraa, has become incredibly unsafe. 

In Daraa, there are tanks in the streets and snipers on the roofs. The internet and electricity has been cut and running water is at a minimum. You decide it is time to take your family to the countryside. It's a tough decision. You are concerned that Ali will not be able to find you if you flee, but, then again, your childrens' lives are at risk if you stay in your apartment. Just then you hear a knock on your door. You approach slowly, look through the peep hole. It is Ali's brother. When he comes inside he tells you that Ali has been killed in a firefight just outside of the city. He tells you he is one of the martyrs now. He tells you it is not safe for you to stay in your apartment, that soldiers may come soon. At any moment. You agree. It is time to go. You don't have the leisure to cry now over Ali's death, but you are eternally saddened. You pack only the most essential belongings for yourself, Emad and Yara. Before you head down the stairs with your children, you take one last look back at your home and whisper, xaatrak to yourself. Goodbye.