DAY 155 - AUGUST 23, 2011


Syrian dissidents in Turkey have announced the formation of the Syrian National Council which seeks to unite different factions of the Free Syrian Army and other opposition groups against President Bashar Al Assad. In reaction to the violent crackdown on protests, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia have broken off diplomatic relations with Syria, recalling their ambassadors from the country. Ali Farzat, a famed Syrian political cartoonist, has been attacked and jailed by pro-Assad security forces. Farzat is the most recent incident by the Syrian military in a surmounting string of violent harassments against journalists and activists.

You have become more aggressive in your stance against the Syrian regime. You understand the dangers involved in staying in Daraa but you also believe in a less totalitarian government. You have been teaching Emad and Yara from home everyday, using the Quran and other books to imbue your children with positive life lessons. An alternate Syrian flag has surfaced at the Friday protests. It is the flag of the revolution. You have not heard from you husband.

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  2. Leave Daraa.