DAY 951 - OCTOBER 15, 2013

You clutch Yara in your hands and wave her back and forth above your head, screaming at Emad and the other boy to look at her. You are making such a scene that they cannot help but watch you. You make the hand signals to Yara and she covers her mouth, while you balance her on your shoulder. She's done it so many times at this point that it is a Pavlovian response. You see Emad's hand move slightly, instinctually, like he is going to cover his mouth as well. But he gathers his composure and fights it off. You know that he is recalling all the nights they have spent together, just trying to stay quiet and hidden. And you know he remembers when you would sing to him before he would go to sleep and how you would teach him life lessons everyday until you ran out of them a year ago. A lot of good that did, you think. You know he remembers all of that. You know it. Then you see him slowly dismounting from the back of the bike. He puts out his cigarette awkwardly (thankfully it doesn't seem like he smokes that much yet) and comes closer to you. You put Yara down and crouch to receive his hug. You are all are crying, Yara included. While it seems your family has come back together peacefully, another, stronger family, dressed in all black, seems to loom over you. The older boy's face twisting into a contemptuous scowl underneath the darkly-threaded mask.