DAY 740 - MARCH 18, 2013


As the war in Syria thaws out of winter, countries in the surrounding region, as well as across the globe, feel a compulsion to get involved. Israel bombs a Syrian weapons convoy destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Russia and Iran both say they will continue to supply arms to Assad's soldiers. The United States commits to supplying "nonlethal aid" to moderate rebel forces. However, with the threat of arming radical Islamists looming, the European Union rejects a bid to give weapons to the Syrian opposition. Meanwhile, Assad's air force is unrelenting, bombing rebel bastions like Deir Ez Zor, Al Raqqa, Aleppo, and even over the western border and into Lebanon.  

You knew it was too good to last. In the early morning, before you arrive, a gang of Assad's MiG-29 jet planes bombs the warehouse where you work. The place explodes into enormous fireballs, taking all your bomb equipment, literature, and ingredients with it. From then on the assaults continue, wearing down rebel defenses as well as attacking oil fields to interrupt cash flow. Over the next few days the shelling doesn't let up as rebel and regime forces exchange small blows. The security situation in Deir El Zor is beginning to deteriorate rapidly and you hear Al Raqqa is the strongest rebel city right now.

  1. Stay in Deir Ez Zor. More soldiers will come across the Iraqi border to boost the city's defenses.
  2. Leave Deir Ez Zor. Time to head to Al Raqqa, a city with more fortification as well as more firepower.