DAY 740 - MARCH 18, 2013

You remain in Deir Ez Zor but the Assad regime cuts the supply lines for the city in an attempt to weaken rebel moral. They are attempting to starve you out. Finally you capitulate and agree that Al Raqqa is the place for right now. You repack the essentials you, Emad and Yara have been traveling with since you left Daraa in what seems like forever ago. Troops on both sides have been camped out in buildings for days, firing their sniper rifles once every few hours. You try to avoid those messy streets by using the old suspension bridge that was destroyed before you arrived. You tell your children to hurry up, knowing full well that one of Assad's snipers, somewhere, can see you and your children, while you can't see even the slightest bit of him. It's then when the bullet catches you on the left shoulder. You fall to ground, hitting your head on the concrete refuse left from the blasted bridge. You tell Emad and Yara to get help, but its no use. There is no one on the streets right now. They are all hiding, like you should have done. Four hours later you bleed out in front of your crying children.

You have been killed.