DAY 740 - MARCH 18, 2013


As the war in Syria thaws out of winter, countries in the surrounding region, as well as across the globe, feel a compulsion to get involved. Israel bombs a Syrian weapons convoy destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Russia and Iran both say they will continue to supply arms to Assad's soldiers. The United States commits to supplying "nonlethal aid" to moderate rebel forces. However, with the threat of arming radical Islamists looming, the European Union rejects a bid to give weapons to the Syrian opposition. Meanwhile, Assad's air force is unrelenting, bombing rebel bastions like Deir El Zor, Al Raqqa, Aleppo, and even over the western border and into Lebanon.  

Your sleep patterns in the cell have been drastically affected by the lack of sunlight. You are deeply weakened by the lifestyle in the dark. The helplessness you feel when you think about Emad and Yara is crippling. You are beginning to lose hope if you don't do something soon. In addition, Assad's security guards keep you intentionally underfed so you remain strengthless. Your quarters are inhabited by people from all over Syria, mostly activists, but some innocents like you. There are also some women from Iraq and Turkey in with you as well. The woman from Iraq, Aasfa, which is Arabic for "guardian", tells you her children are being held as well. It seems crazy to try to break out with her, but at the same time, not that crazy at all. You might die in here.