DAY 333 - FEBRUARY 16, 2012


A major general in the Syrian army, Mustafa Ahmed Al Sheikh, defects to join the rebel cause, thereby bolstering FSA confidence. He says 20,000 soldiers from Assad's military, mostly Sunni Muslims, have defected to the opposition. Russian and China again veto a UN-backed plan for peace resolution, roadblocking all Western intervention possibilities. Anticipating an increase in violence, the United States and United Kingdom pull out their remaining diplomats in Syria, suspending diplomatic relations. Al Qaeda number one, Ayman Al Zawahiri, calls for all muslims to help overthrow Syrian president Bashar Al Assad. In a related event, two suicide car bombs hit a military complex in Aleppo killing 28 people. Jabhat Al Nusra, a shadowy, Al Qaeda-supported, rebel faction claims responsibility. 

Your sleep patterns in the cell have been drastically affected by the lack of sunlight. You are deeply weakened by the lifestyle in the dark. The helplessness you feel when you think about Emad and Yara is crippling. You are beginning to lose hope if you don't do something soon. In addition, Assad's security guards keep you intentionally underfed so you remain strengthless. Your quarters are inhabited by people from all over Syria, mostly activists, but some innocents like you. There are also some women from Iraq and Turkey in with you as well. The woman from Iraq, Aasfa, which is Arabic for "guardian", tells you her children are being held as well. It seems crazy to try to break out with her, but at the same time, not that crazy at all. You might die in here.