DAY 365 - MARCH 15, 2012


Protests in Daraa, Idlib, and Homs mark the one-year anniversary of the Syrian revolution. Government crackdowns ensue, staying in line with an unrelenting wave of brutality. Assad supporters stage their own rallies in Damascus, Latakia, and the Druze city of Sweida. The international community, floundering for a plan, appoints former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to head a special envoy tasked with diffusing the Syrian crisis. With the fear of arming terrorist rebels in the background, the US is hesitant to supply the Syrian opposition.

Assad's guards have kept your Skype account open since your capture and have been waiting for Ali to contact you. Your account, however, is a dummy and you know it won't be long before they find out. The interrogations are becoming more threatening. Even though they have not tortured you yet, the threat seems to loom in the air along with the stench of the fetid cell. Your Iraqi friend, Aasfa, proposes a plan to escape, to get your children back. You've confirmed that you are in Tadmor Prison, near the Palmyra ruins. People are known to disappear in Tadmor. You and Aasfa vow to not disappear in Tadmor, but it's going to be hard to pull off. If you do make a break for it, you learn that a young rebel from Aleppo in the cell next to you, may join you as well.

  1. It's too dangerous. You still believe you will be released and reunited with your children.
  2. Attempt an escape with Aasfa. Your children are still out there, somewhere.