DAY 439 - MAY 28, 2012


The Assad regime massacres over 100 people in the Al Houla area of Homs, 49 of which are children. The world is stunned and horrified, drawing outrage from human rights groups. In addition, after continuing protests, the Syrian Army raids Aleppo University, using tear gas and live ammunition in the dormitories. Despite a UN ceasefire that was brokered by Kofi Annan, fighting continues to intensify in all major cities in Syria. In Damascus, shopkeepers have closed their stores in regime areas in ardent protests against government actions.

You and Aasfa spend the next three months filing down the base of the small window in your cell using a rusted nail you pulled out of the wall. It's hard to do it without others noticing but you manage. At the same time you are barely eating in the hopes that you will lose enough weight in order to squeeze through the tiny basement opening. You both maintain your mental strength by reinforcing the goal of all this: getting your children back. Finally the day arrives when you are able to remove the grate covering the window. You wait until nightfall and then Aasfa removes the covering and boosts you through the window. As you turn your head to survey the area, you see the dog running at you. Then the barks come. You aren't sure if you should just slide back into the cell or make a break for it. Unfortunately you don't have time to do either. You hear the wizzing of bullets behind you before you feel them. In that moment you lose consciousness and lifelessly seep backwards into the cell.

You have been killed. | Continue in the prison as the young rebel from Aleppo.