DAY 622 - NOVEMBER 22, 2012

When you agree to take care of Aazim, the soldier with your paperwork responds by telling you that Syria and Iraq have agreed to a political prisoner swap. He points at Aazim and adds that it is his birthplace, Iraq. Next he tells you that you will be pretending to be Aasfa--he holds up her Iraqi passport--and your children will pretend to be Aasfa's children. You will play Aasfa in order to facilitate the prisoner swap he says to you. Then he asks you if you understand and you nod slowly. He tells you that's good and that the Iraqi emissary plane will be arriving  tomorrow morning at 10AM to pick you up. When you hesitate and ask what your children should do considering they have neither Syrian nor Iraqi passports, he responds only with a glare. The soldier tells you forwardly that you shouldn't ask questions, you should just take the deal. He tells you it's the only way you're going to ever get out of here alive. He tells you just how lucky you are right now to have this opportunity instead of rotting underground for the next 20 years. He tells you again that this is your only way out of this place alive and that you should just shut up and take the deal. So you do.