DAY 33 - APRIL 21, 2011


In further efforts to deride mounting anti-government sentiment, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad announces the end of the 50-year "state of emergency" law, which bans gatherings of more than five people. In turn, Assad also abolishes the Supreme State Security Court thereby allowing peaceful demonstrations to be carried out. Protesters, seeking more concessions from the Syrian government, plan, for the following day, the biggest demonstration to date. It's dubbed, "the Great Friday."

You use your online savviness to recruit young Aleppans who are trying to rid their city and their country of Bashar Al Assad's draconian regime. You speak personally to some on Skype. You email packets similar to "How to Protest Intelligently," which was used in Egypt during January. You are starting to make a name for yourself in some corners of the internet. You believe in your cause and are gaining affirmation from the online community because of it. You, however, will not be attending the "The Great Friday" in person. You have bigger plans than just chanting alongside everyone else...