DAY 34 - APRIL 23, 2011


Tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets for "the Great Friday". Over 100 people are killed, across 10 cities in Syria. It is the bloodiest day of the uprising thus far.

You, along with fifty or so other online dissidents around Syria--some in Damascus, some in Daraa, some in Deir Ez Zor--coordinate to establish live feeds that stream from balconies overlooking the protest. Live video is available from over a dozen cities. Tens of thousands of people show up at the demonstrations, but hundreds of thousands of people show up online. There are videos capturing the horror. There is evidence of Assad's forces escalating the situation, attacking innocent civilians and peaceful protesters. As the footage spreads through Youtube, Liveleaks, online forums, and social media, more and more people begin to throw their support behind a Syrian opposition that is growing daily. One video in particular of a Syrian civilian fatally caught in the crosses of a regime bullet in Damascus spreads like wildfire through news agencies and internet users. Later the woman is identified as a 24 year old school teacher from Daraa named Zaheen Khouri.