DAY 50 - MAY 3, 2011

For the next five days you practice your piety alongside your family. You try to makeup for your shortcomings over the past few weeks, but still manage to monitor Syria political climate from afar. You wonder, if things intensify, what your family would do. You wonder if Ibrahim, your father, would fight for or against the regime. Would he and everyone else stay in Salaheddine? You are wondering all of us this until your father comes into your room, his mouth cocked as if about to explode with rage. And then he does. He tells you that he read your emails and knows about your activism. He tells you that you are a traitor to your country and that you are putting the entire family at risk by doing so. He tells you to leave, that he will not foster a fugitive in his house. He tells you to go and you are out the door before he can get a final word in.