DAY 439 - MAY 28, 2012


The Assad regime massacres over 100 people in the Al Houla area of Homs, 49 of which are children. The world is stunned and horrified, drawing outrage from human rights groups. In addition, after continuing protests, the Syrian Army raids Aleppo University, using tear gas and live ammunition in the dormitories. Despite a UN ceasefire that was brokered by Kofi Annan, fighting continues to intensify in all major cities in Syria. In Damascus, shopkeepers have closed their stores, in regime areas, in ardent protests against government actions.

The government raids at Aleppo University is the last straw for Sheikh Yousef and the rest of Al Nusra Front. They tell you that the Syrian National Council as well as the FSA are moving resources into the eastern block of your city and that imminently there will be an assault. You can already feel the surging discontent among the majority of the citizens in Aleppo. The city is long overdue for a reprisal against Assad's security forces. You have also noticed a small influx of foreign journalists into neighborhoods adjacent to Karm Al Jaba, meaning you are obviously not the only one who knows Aleppo is a tinderbox waiting to go up in flames. Two journalists in particular, an American named Jeremy and his ghostly friend, seem to rub you the wrong way with their presence. You do not trust the way in which they will retell the events that take place in Aleppo. You will take weapons from the West, but little else. This is your fight, not theirs. Journalists like Jeremy and the other one only seek to perpetuate a cycle of foreign intervention that always ends in disaster. Syrians and Syrians alone will defeat Assad, and justly, you and the rest of Syria will take credit for it.