DAY 951 - OCTOBER 15, 2013

With the FN FAL rifle, you slowly lineup the sights, hold your breath, and squeeze the trigger. You take the shot. And with pleasure, you watch as it rips into the arm of the young boy who first grabbed the good Sheikh. Abruptly the rest of the ISIS members on the street try to take cover, as best they can, while still scanning the buildings for the shooter. In this brief moment of chaos you let another high velocity round go and this time you connect in the head of one of the soldiers. You watch him hit the ground with a pulpy thud. You pause for a moment and think about how you have finally killed someone in this godless war. In the follow moments, while the ISIS members are temporarily dazed, you watch as Sheikh Yousef scuttles to your building's entryway, where he then climbs the stairs to your apartment. Faith is not something to toy with, you think as the good Sheikh enters the room. And finally, now that you're the last fighter in the Nusra Front to kill a man, you try to internalize what exactly it feels like to take a human life. But, after a while, your worst suspicions prove true. You feel absolutely nothing at all.