DAY 60 - MAY 19, 2011


Following the Siege of Daraa, the Syrian Army has continued to stifle opposition forces by laying siege to other cities with popular uprising. In the past two weeks the cities of Homs, Baniyas, Tafas, Talkalakh, and the suburbs of Damascus have been raided with government tanks and soldiers. Government forces have also cut supply lines to Daraa in an attempt to prevent food from reaching the embattled city. Today US President Barack Obama has announced that economic sanctions will be imposed on Syria in reaction to the human rights violations committed by President Bashar Al Assad.

Meanwhile in Aleppo, students gather for a second time to protest Assad's grip on Syria, which results in security forces clubbing those demonstrating at Aleppo University. You are not one of them. You have been staying in the eastern part of the city, the Sakhour neighborhood, with a fellow activist named Khalil. You are both sharing a one bedroom apartment in a dilapidated building but you still believe you made the right choice leaving home. Khalil seems to have the same views on Syria and Islam as you and what little money you have, you share between each other. You both spend most of your time online, talking to other opposition members that have the same dedication. It starts to dawn on you that this is your place, here online with an amassing rebel force. You were always a bit of a lone wolf growing up and in the past six months that has only intensified as the revolution has grown. Now you find that you have a true purpose and it is to help topple Assad, however you are able.