DAY 8 - MARCH 18, 2011


Yesterday the United Nations Security Council voted in favor of imposing a no-fly-zone over Muammar Gaddafi's government in Libya. As a result, Syrians feel invigorated to stand up to Bashar Al Assad. There is the sense that if NATO would come to the aid of the Libyan rebels, they will probably help the Syrian people as well. There is the first nationwide protest across Syria. Thousands are attending in Damascus, Banias, and Daraa. The protests seem peaceful. In Daraa activists demand the release of the children that painted the anti-government graffiti on March 6th. In the street people chant "God, Freedom, Syria."

You feel the momentum shifting towards the side of the Libyan rebels once the announcement is made about the NATO intervention. You also see the Syrian people becoming invigorated in their own country, their eagerness to depose Bashar Al Assad growing. You know that the bombing across Libya will be substantial and that things will become more dangerous the further west you travel with the rebels. And then you also know that if you leave now for Syria you will get in at the ground level, something you missed when protests started against Gaddafi.