DAY 34 - APRIL 23, 2011


Tens of thousands of protesters take to the streets for "the Great Friday". Over 100 people are killed, across 10 cities in Syria. It is the bloodiest day of the uprising thus far.

When you hear the news of the protests you are now certain that Syria is going to see the same bloody fate as Libya. Assad seems to be escalating the conflict in ways that not only provoke more to fight against him but draw international attention for crimes against humanity. You are still pinned down in the building in Misrata. Gaddafi has hired groups of ethnic minorities, from the city of Tawergha to your south, to infiltrate and rape the wives of the rebels fighting in Misrata. This, like the escalation of violence on Assad's side, will only end in more bloodshed. Supplies are running thin for you and your colleagues. You try to contact a friend using a Thuraya satellite phone. You know he is heading into Syria. There is no response. You try another number and then another friend. Same story.

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