DAY 45 - MAY 4, 2011


NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has confirmed that air strikes carried out against Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi have severely weakened loyalist forces.

With the success of the air raids, you hear that rebel forces have begun a push to strengthen their hold on Misrata. They have setup perimeters that extend the radius of their control outside of the city. You have also heard that many anti-regime soldiers have begun to infiltrate the Berber city of Tawergha, where Gaddafi had been recruiting his mercenaries. It seems like you may be able to ride this one out. You and Michael squat by a window looking over the center piece of the city, a giant fist crushing a US fighter jet that Gaddafi erected in the 1980s after the US started bombing Libya. You see the glint of the sun off of the statue's metal, next to the cloudless blue sky. It's too late when you realize you have been looking at it too long. You turn around in haste when you hear the footsteps behind you. You catch Michael's lifeless body several meters away in the shadow of the doorway. When the knife plunges into you you realize how stupid you were to stay. After all this it was a knife and not a drone. After all this, just a knife.

You have been killed.