DAY 365 - MARCH 15, 2012

You and Jeremy stay put with the Sham Falcons and Tarek in a building, outside of the city, that has the walls between apartments carved out. Like many of the FSA controlled blocks, living quarters have now turned into a series of rat's nests and elevated trenches in which snipers live. Food and ammunition runs between buildings in this concealed circuit and many people have become accustomed to the odd but closely-knit way of life in the high-rise camps. Unfortunately, after prolonged firefights with regime soldiers, Assad's forces have diagrammed where these buildings are located and equally as disheartening is the fact that they don't care if there are also civilians inside. This leads to the events of the next morning where regime planes air strike several clusters of rebel controlled buildings in the Aleppo Governorate countryside. Sometimes there is no way to predict what is coming next in war. You, Jeremy, and Tarek are in one of those buildings. As the walls of the room start to collapse and you slowly become smothered by stone, you wonder only how many other noncombatants will fall victim to Assad's uncompromising savagery. Because, the fact is, you know in your dying heart that you will not be the last. 

You have been killed.