DAY 365 - MARCH 15, 2012

You, Jeremy, and Tarek head out of the building complex where you have been camping for the past several weeks. Tarek says he knows someone that knows someone that knows the American freedom fighter. You scramble with your heads low through the cracked streets while the sound of gunfire proliferates the shambles of the ancient city. For the most part the city is still firmly controlled by Assad forces. You enter another building through a cellar door next to a dumpster. You feel as if you are getting deeper into regime territory. You walk through the dank underbelly of the city for a moment and exit through what you think is the back of the building, only to find yourself face to face with a T-72 battle tank. its barrel aiming right at you. You slowly raise your arms in silence as regime soldiers surround you. You drop to your knees and silently curse yourself for trusting Tarek.