DAY 439 - MAY 28, 2012


The Assad regime massacres over 100 people in the Al Houla area of Homs, 49 of those killed are children. The world is stunned and horrified, drawing outrage from human rights groups. In addition, after continuing protests, the Syrian Army raids Aleppo University, using tear gas and live ammunition in dormitories. Despite a UN ceasefire brokered by Kofi Annan, fighting continues to intensify in all major cities in Syria. In Damascus, shopkeepers have closed their stores in regime areas in ardent protests against government actions.

After a long and blindfolded car ride, you and Jeremy are squeezed into an underground prison in the desert with a single window that people in the dank cell fight over during daylight hours. There are about twelve of you sharing the space, sharing the toilet, sharing the window. But sometimes the guards come and drop off or take out one of the prisoners, making the number of cellmates change frequently. From what you can gather you think you are near the Palmyra ruins, perhaps 100 miles east of Damascus. That's just what you hear the other prisoners talking about. But really, their guess is as good as yours.