Intensification of NATO air and sea-born attacks around Misrata have drawn counter-offensives from Gaddafi loyalists. Water supply to the city has been shut off by pro-regime forces and the death toll in the Misrata alone has reached over 1,000, making it the most deadly region of the conflict. 

Heavy shelling continues near all escape routes in an out of Misrata. Loyalists attack the port as well as the airport. NATO, on average, is conducting between 30 to 50 airstrikes per day throughout Libya and it is only a matter of time before one of those Hellfires hits the wrong target. You, Jeremy, and Michael fall back behind rebel lines. Hassan, your fixer, guides you through rebel controlled checkpoints, each time saying Sahafi---"journalist," as you show your papers to men wearing fatigues. Finally when you get to the harbor in Brega, east of Raslanuf and south of Benghazi, there is a German warship on the tail-end of Operation Evacuation PegasusIt has been helping to ferry citizens of NATO countries out of Libya. It transports you to a refueling base in Cyprus. It's a godsend. There you wait and plot your next move.