DAY 155 - AUGUST 23, 2011


Syrian dissidents in Turkey have announced the formation of the Syrian National Council which seeks to unite different factions of the Free Syrian Army and other opposition groups against President Bashar Al Assad. In reaction to the violent crackdown on protests, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia have broken off diplomatic relations with Syria, recalling their ambassadors from the country. Ali Farzat, a famed Syrian political cartoonist, has been attacked and jailed by pro-Assad security forces. Farzat is the most recent incident by the Syrian military in a surmounting string of violent harassments against journalists and activists. In Libya rebel forces have claimed to have control of 90% of the Tripoli, the capital city, sending Gaddafi on the run.

With Tripoli just days away from falling completely into opposition hands, Michael is trying desperately to find a way into Libya before the royal houses are overrun and looted. He remembers when Saddam's As Salam Palace was taken in Iraq and the brilliance of getting inside first. Michael also has a legitimate Syrian visa, which you are jealous of. However he is still willing to help you sneak into Syria, he just won't be coming with you. He is opposed to illegally entering the country when he can fly into Damascus with zero risk. Through your contracts, the three of you have found two routes into the country--one coming by way of Turkey to the North, the other going across Lebanon's Bekaa Valley to the East. It seems like it will only be you and Jeremy on this one.

  1. Go through the Bab Al Hawa crossing near Reyhanli, Turkey in the West. The Syrian National Council has said they will provide transport for you.
  2. Go through the Bekaa Valley, Hezbollah ground zero, in Lebanon. There is a vintner there that says he can guarantee safe passage for you.