DAY 237 - NOVEMBER 13, 2011

Before Tarek has time to say anything, you ask him about the armed militia standing in front of you. You say you were supposed to be meeting a group of peaceful activists, stressing peaceful. You say that if Tarek cannot be perfectly clear about the situation in which you and Jeremy are entering, you cannot work with him. Your voice gets louder as you say these things. The soldiers begin to wonder about you. There is a moment of silence in which Tarek seems to select how to approach your frustration. When he finally speaks up he says he is sorry for the miscommunication and asks you if you still want to work with him now that you are inside. You look at the men then at Jeremy then at Tarek and take a deep breath.

  1. Forgive Tarek and go with the men. Sometimes it is hard to predict what will happen amidst the chaos of war. However, It doesn't mean all hope is lost.
  2. Tell Tarek you don't want to go with the men. You have a bad feeling about all of this. You don't want to trust your life to a militia you know nothing about. You had a plan that fell apart. Better to abort while you still can.