DAY 951 - OCTOBER 15, 2013


In response to threats of Western intervention, the Syrian Electronic Army, a group of pro-regime hackers, breaks into the websites of The New York Times, The Washington Post, Twitter, CNN, TIME Magazine, Global Post, and the US Marine Corps. Russia denies that the Syrian government was behind the chemical attacks, attesting that it was a false flag planted by jihadist rebels. After much deliberation, the United States and the Syrian government reach an agreement that allows international inspectors to start destroying Assad's chemical weapons by way of a deal brokered by the Russian Federation. Two more journalists are kidnapped near Al Raqqa and the Turkish border, dissuading more journalists from entering the country and consequently bringing the international coverage of the conflict to a halt. Thirteen rebel factions in Syria, break off from the FSA-backed Syrian National Council and form the Islamic Coalition, which further fractures the aims of the already disjointed Syrian opposition.

It is hard to get the exact number of people missing in Syria but the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights puts the figure as high as 150,000. Today, you are one of those people, another picture of a face on a wall with flowers laying beneath it. You have lost so much weight that you needed to bore a new hole in your belt so your pants would not fall down. You feel the weakest you have ever felt in your life. hope, something you have had a lot of most of your life, is starting to become impossible to hold on to. People in the field have always told you not to risk your life for a story. Perhaps you were reckless this time, but then again you did got the cover story. It was something you've been fighting your own war with for sometime. If you go under, at this very moment, part of you wouldn't take it back. Deep down you knew you would probably die doing your job. You, like most people, just didn't think it would come this soon.