DAY 740 - March 18, 2013


As the war in Syria thaws out of winter, countries in the surrounding region, as well as across the globe, feel a compulsion to get involved. Israel bombs a Syrian weapons convoy destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon. Russia and Iran both say they will continue to supply arms to Assad's soldiers and the United States commits to supplying "nonlethal aid" to moderate rebel forces. However, with the threat of arming radical Islamists looming, the European Union rejects a bid to give weapons to the Syrian opposition. Meanwhile, Assad's air force is unrelenting, bombing rebel bastions like Deir Ez Zor, Al Raqqa, Aleppo, and even over the western border and into Lebanon.  

You convince the Kurds in the YPG to drive you to a drop off point between Al Hasakah and Al Raqqa where Abu Aarif, your previous fixer, has arranged for a group of rebels in the Al Tawhid Brigade to drive you to front lines of the city. Jeremy mentions his uneasiness about the entire situation. He knows that, although Al Tawhid are not radical Islamists, they are also not moderates. In addition their main area of jurisdiction is west of Aleppo, near Idlib and Bab Al Hawa, and not near Al Raqqa. He tells you that the brigades around Al Raqqa are increasingly splintered and follow orders from no central authority, which you already know. You understand his apprehension. You, as well, are nervous. But if there is one thing that these years of covering conflict have taught you, it's that being in the right place at the right time is more than half the battle. And as it stands now, you don't know of any other journalists in the region that will have access to this kind of take over. Jeremy can't disagree with you. You've already made it this far...

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