DAY 550 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2012


Human Rights Watch estimates that 20,000 people have died during the Syrian conflict. Videos start to emerge on the internet showing rebel soldiers executing four Assad loyalists. The recording leaves the international community aghast, concluding that Syrian opposition forces are also guilty of atrocity. Assad's air force counters by indiscriminately bombing bread lines in Aleppo. In reaction to the Bashar Al Assad's blatant disregard for human life, Syrian prime minister Riyad Hijab defects, calling the regime "barbaric for killing unarmed people." Meanwhile, after Russian and China block peace resolution processes among other diplomatic deadlocks, Kofi Annan steps down as head of the UN's special envoy to Syria. It is a major blow towards the solution of the crisis. With the UN proving ineffectual, Iran confirms that its revolutionary guard is assisting the Assad Regime with intelligence and financial resources. It is the first third party to openly announce their involvement in the conflict. 

You and Jeremy are separated into different cells. There is one very sick boy in yours. He has some sort of infection that the Syrian government refuses to treat. He is a young rebel from Aleppo that may die in here. You don't understand why they haven't given him antibiotics. Is it not worth it to save him? These guys, the Shabiha, they are animals. When you are not in the same room as Harout you try to transport yourself to your safe place, the place that you could spend the rest of your life alone without interruption. Everyday you go to this place and everyday it is getting harder and harder to visualize clearly.