DAY 249 - NOVEMBER 25, 2011

You, Jeremy, and Tarek head out of the Jasmine Hotel in Reyhanli, where you've been staying for the past week. You have been covering the war from across the border but your situation is not ideal. It is of the utmost importance that you still get inside Syria. The other opposition group you were supposed to meet has been very unreliable and you are now wishing, perhaps, that you travelled with the Sham Falcons. Tarek says he knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that can get you inside. This time you figure you have to trust Tarek or you will never get across. The unfortunate thing is that Tarek is also aware of your desperation. You scramble, with your heads low, along the fence that divides Turkey and Syria. As you run, you can see the sun's reflection bouncing off of the concertina wire that lines the top of the wall until finally Tarek lifts the bottom of a loosened piece of the fence. He holds it up while you get on all fours and crawl through. It doesn't take you long to get past the fence. But, Standing up, your joy is cut to pieces as a group of five men, in plain clothes, surround you and from the corner of your eye you see the watchtower poking out behind a mangle of Juniper trees. You drop to your knees and silently curse yourself for trusting Tarek.