Jalal Al Din

Age: 18   Sex: Male   Location: Aleppo, Syria   Occupation: Mujahideen  |  Marital Status: Single   Children: 0

Appearance: A hard worker and natural side-kick, Jalal does his best not to draw attention to himself. His greatest skill might be "cleaning up someone else's mess" and his shadowy walk and soft voice seems to support a ghostlike physical presence.

Political Slant: A member of hardline Islamist group Jabhat Al Nusra, Jalal is less about radical Islam than he is about being a part of a forceful movement. He feels as if life has meaning if he can fight for a cause, whatever cause that may be. A runaway, he is a follower of Sheikh Yousef's political ideological platform and is a critical part of Aleppo's jihadist representation.