Age: 61   Sex: Male   Location: Tripoli, Lebanon / Bekaa Valley, Lebanon   Occupation: Vintner  |  Marital Status: Married   Children: 6

Appearance: A staple of Lebanon's international wine industry, Nazir Mafam exudes wealth and sophistication. Known for his signature circular glasses and well-tailored suits, his vineyard, Chateau Kasyeh, is consistently ranked number one among wines in the Middle East and tends to rival France's Cabernet Sauvignons in body and texture. 

Political Slant: One of few wealthy Sunnis in Lebanon's Hezbollah-run Shia majority, Nazir Mafam is constantly in the periphery of Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. Both men have been at odds before over political and religious affiliations. The animosity between the two mostly concerns the location of Nazir Mafam's vineyard, which is sandwiched in the heart of militant Hezbollah territory.  Currently, however, their acrimony seems to have reached a lull.