Exclusive: Interview with hacker Ag3nt47, man responsible for breaching Harvard, MIT, Stanford, NASA

Wilson: Ag3nt47 thanks for talking with me. It looks like the month of May has  been a busy one for you. In the past three weeks you've been able to  breach an extraordinary number of websites belonging to high profile  corporations and institutions, including: Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Rutgers, NASA, Mazda, Suzuki, and Isuzu. Two days ago you hacked Bose Speakers' Chinese branch and just yesterday you penetrated Mopar, one of the world's largest automotive parts suppliers. Is there a reason why you targeted these sites? Is there a specific message you wanted to send by hitting these blue chip organizations?

Ag3nt47: I targeted these sites for one reason, that reason being they are big name sites. These sites should be very secure. Yet, they are not. You think of Harvard as a very wealthy school right? I broke into this school's website very fast. They sure are not spreading the wealth on web security. I just want the students of these universities too see the school they spend so much into can't even use some of the money on keeping their personal info safe. That's my message for the people. The  school should worry more about the students safety instead of draining their pockets dry. 

Wilson: Let's  talk about the the Syrian Electronic Army. Remember how they made the  Dow Jones drop more than 100 points with their Associated Press hack? How do you feel about that? Do you know anything about them that we don't? It seems like both of you are highly skilled patrons of the dark arts. Who is better?

Ag3nt47: Syrian Electronic Army is alright. I think that was a pretty nice hack. There is secrets in the hacking world. SEA is not one of them. They are a group of talented hackers. A group, not a single person. I work alone so in that sense my skills are better for that simple fact. I don't depend on a group of hackers. I solve all problems on my own. Hope that answers that. 

Wilson: How much money would it take to make you go full white hat?  

Ag3nt47: Alot. I'm fully blackhat. I make good money being a blackhat.

Wilson: What  were the early years like? When did you realize you were good with  computers? What was the first system you broke into? How old were you? 

Ag3nt47: I grow up very poor from a home that was fatherless. My earlier years were rough. I was always good with electronics. I had a repair table set up in my room at the age of thirteen. I would go around town collecting broken computers that people throw out for trash pickup. I loved bringing electronics back home, then fixing them. You know bringing them back from the dead. I broke into my middle schools website. I was around 15.

Wilson: After reading your blog, http://ag3nt47.blogspot.com/,  it seems like you are a pretty well-read individual. For example in one of your posts you liken being a malware analyst to playing the, "Glass Bead Game from the eponymous novel by Herman Hesse - a pure pursuit of  the mind that makes connections where there are seemingly none, all for the sake of solving intricate puzzles in order to satisfy their curiosity and cravings for intellectual challenges." What are some of your favorite authors?

Ag3nt47: The Art of War Book by Sun Tzu, Hagakure Book by Yamamoto Tsunetomo. I'm really into poetry. I love poetry with the strongest passion. I really like the poet Charles BukowskI. 

Wilson: And what about favorite movies, video games (other than Hitman of course),  TV shows. Any hobbies that you enjoy when you need an escape from the keyboard?

Ag3nt47: I love mafia movies. The movie a Bronx tale. Video games? Not into games which is kind of funny considering my nickname. I enjoy writing poems. I enjoy repairing anything that plugs into a wall socket. 

Wilosn: You are very active on Twitter and have earned a bit of a reputation as both a lover and a hater. As a lover you seem taken with @truthizsexy .Are you two dating? Do you hangout IRL? How did you start talking?

Ag3nt47: I love TruthIzSexy. This woman is like an angel on earth. Through my worst times she was always by my side. You can't find that kind of woman these days. Luckily I have found my soul mate. Through Twitter we began talking. This was awhile back. 

Wilson: The speed and volume of your penetration skills have brought a lot of respect but also a lot of trash talking on Twitter. What's the  deal with MrsTrick▼ (@Sukinah_Hussain), Certifiedg00n (@t00lz_), and  ITZ dooM (@itsd00m). Are they just jealous? Have they tried to come after you in any other way than through 140 characters?

Ag3nt47: They are mad at all the bases that are mine.

Wilson: What kind of protection do you take to conceal your identity?

Ag3nt47: Secret can't reveal that. 

Wilson: Do you ever use Silk Road? What about Bitcoins? Have you ever hacked or mined BTC?

Ag3nt47: I'm into carding. Silk Road and BTC hacking is kiddie stuff. I can't say much. I drove some of the nicest cars ever made. I done pretty good with the work I've accomplished. 

Wilson: What kind of malware or tools do you use, if any?

Ag3nt47: Blackhole, I use all sorts of tools. I try everything. I make my own tools most of the time. I customize tools as well.

Wilson: What kind of feuds are going on within the hacking community? Who are the top crews right now?

Ag3nt47: The Twitter hacking scene is not the real place for hackers. The public knows these idiot groups from them being careless. I am being careless at this moment. I was more underground way back. I mean Ugnazi's are public popular. They are not where the real talent is. There is some hackers that can rob millions of dollars in hours. These are my heroes. I laugh at lulzsec, ugnazi. These are not the talent of the hacking world. You can drain so much money out of companies without them realizing until many years pass. Feuds? Everyone talks thrash with each other. I don't pay attention much. They are like babies that lost a toy or something crying away.

Wilon: What's the coolest thing you've coded? What are you most proud of in your digital career?

Ag3nt47: I would say building computers for poor people made me feel proud. I would fix broken computers then donate them. I love helping people. Coded? I code many tools. They work, guess that's good. I'm more proud of helping people.

Wilson: What's the longest you've spent in front of your computer?

Ag3nt47: A week without sleep in front of the computer.

Wilson: OK last question. What is it that drives you to keep going? To continue to  pen test, to continue to lurk in the deep web, to continue to attempt to play god?

Ag3nt47:I keep going cause people always put me down. They always said you can't. You will never make it at anything. You will fail. You are nothing. 

I keep going cause in time those people will see they were wrong. ~47