Suspect in Woolwich killing said MI5 tried to recruit him 6 months prior to attack

According to a National Post article published today, Michael Adebolajo, one of the two suspects accused of killing a British solider with a machete earlier this week, was approached by Britain's domestic counter terrorism agency to spy for them. The National Post says:

Adebolajo became withdrawn after returning last year from a visit to Kenya, where he claimed he had been arrested and then abused both physically and sexually while in jail. Nusaybah [other suspect] claimed that Britain’s domestic spy agency, MI5, approached Adebolajo to recruit him upon his return to Britain about six months ago... [MI5] initially asked him if he had met specific Muslim militants, then asked Adebolajo if he was willing to act as an informer.

“He was explicit in that he refused to work for them,” Nusaybah said.

Andrew Parker, Director-General of MI5, along with MI6 and GCHQ, Britain's clandestine surveillance agency, are expected to give preliminary reports this week about what intelligence was known about the two men prior to the Woolwich attack.