Assad's soldiers execute civilian at checkpoint, Syrian rebels massacre Christian town [Warning: Explicit Footage]

Since the EU lifted its weapon's embargo on Syria last night, pundits continue to debate which of the two forces, the Syrian government or the fractious rebel movement, is the lesser of the two evils. One of the hardest parts about distilling the Syrian conflict is the lack of reliable on-the-ground information. Journalists and outsiders alike are forced to helplessly sift through the stockpile of propaganda left in the shoals of Youtube. Earlier this week government forces made this video (below) of a civilian being executed at a checkpoint and today reports are coming in (from suspect Iranian news agencies, mind you) that rebels massacred women and children in the small Christian town of al-Duvair, outside of Homs. In addition, Jabhat al-Nusra, a militant offshoot of Al Qaeda in Iraq, posted a recruitment video two days ago titled: "Front victory - the martyrs of Daraa camps" (seen below). The best reporting that has come out of Syria this week, however, was posted by Le Monde. The video confirms that the Assad regime has used Sarin nerve gas in Damascus several times in the past weeks.