Exclusive: Interview with Shm00p of the crime fighting, trolling collective Rustle League

I interviewed @5hm00p  and @meepkittyfuck of #RustleLeague to wax on crime fighting, cyber vigilantism, anarchic trolling, and other things of general offensive nature. 

Rustle League has been walking a thin line between white and black hat hackers recently, taking down members of Anonymous and other hacktivists. Their MO might be "altruistic chaos creators," as they are obviously in it for the superlulz as well as the self-policing of the internet. They are masters of the offensive, so please don't take anything in this interview to heart. After all, they are making the world a better place for all of us..kind of. 


You can also listen to interesting guests within the infosec community on Rustle League Radio (@RustleRadio) live on Saturday nights here.


Wilson: Thanks for talking with me. So let’s get to it. A few weeks ago I talked with @Ag3nt47, a hacker who, with the help of @TruthIzSexypenetrated several high-profile institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and NASA. Just today Rustle League has started a campaign to send Ag3nt47 and TruthIzSexy to prison in the UK. Do you see the Rustle League as a collective of vigilantes? Crime fighters even?

Shm00p: Not even, that was more of a troll kind of just laughing at people like
Ag3nt47 and TruthIzSexy. They're not hackers, they use the same thing over
and over to "hack," websites - SQLmap. Saying you've hacked something via
SQLi is like saying you beat an infant in arm wrestling. I try not to
acknowledge them as much as possible, and kinda refuse to believe
TruthIzSexy got v& until I see court papers or any article of her being
picked up by authority.

As far as a collective of vigilantes or crime fighters? I guess you could
say that, afterall we are the superheroes of the internet. ;-) We've been
called also an "anarchistic trolling collective."

Wilson: The Rustle League is pretty skilled at trolling but there is also some sincerity to your objectives as well. Who are some other “pedophiles” or cyber criminals that you want to take down, or at least #Tangodown?

Shm00p: TruthIzSexy is actually a pretty big known pedophile, her real name is Shona Sweeney. We have a very strict policy of taking down all pedophiles. 

 Wilson: Speaking of #tangodown, how do you feel about @th3j35t3r? He is kind of a "crime fighter" to some extent also, right?

Shm00p: Us and Jester are like ying and yang, he likes some of us and can't stand some of us. He fights for what he believes in and that doesn't really bother us.

 Wilson: What about the Syrian Electronic Army (@Official_SEA12)? They would defend that they are doing the world a service themselves. Agree or disagree?

Shm00p: I'd say they're a bunch of script kiddies who Assad hired because he wants to keep his dictatorship in tact. Like the Israelis, SEA can't hack, but what do you expect from Jews?

 Wilson: You dox’d @shad0wfly. What did he do to have it coming?

Shm00p: He hates America and freedoms. He crossed the line when he made fun of McDonalds and called it unhealthy.

 Wilson: On Youtube and your radio show you mention “Rustle World Order.” What kind of world would we be living in if the Rustle World Order would be installed?

Shm00p: Well we'd crash the USD and the stock market and would force the world's currency to be "jimmies," and create a "jimmy" central bank where if you were rustled so hard you would need to take a loan of jimmies from us, with interest. /<O>\

 Wilson: And on Rustle Radio, do you guys really listen to that music? Or are you trolling with that as well?

Shm00p: We fucking LOVE that music.

 Wilson: Unlike other hacktivist collectives, Rustle League is open about (some) of the identities of their members, specifically Jaime Cochran (@asshurtmacfags). Has this caused any problems? Have any of your members been targeted because of this? I mean Shm00p, you even have your phone number on your website...

Shm00p: Not really, we're all pretty open with our identities. I leave my phone number on the website because I kinda get lonely sometimes when my mommy isn't home and if I don't talk to someone I just go on a SQLi spree and hack shit like NASA, Pontiac, etc.

 Wilson: Do you feel that because you are fighting for “justice,” whatever your definition of that may be, that you are above the law?

Shm00p: We are the law. We're like Hitler - we don't play around.

 Wilson: Rustle League employs “mischief rather than menace” so much so that it seems like an inside joke just between members. Can you speak to that?

Shm00p: Family secret.

 Wilson: You guys took over Christopher Doyon’s Twitter aka Commander X of Anonymous. He apparently is hiding out in Canada because he was outed to the FBI. Do you plan on following up on Doyon? Or is he pretty much dead in the water already?

Shm00p: He's dead in the water. We heard from our FBI agent in Canada he has his location and they're just waiting for him to retain his title as the king of bum fights so one of the FBI agents can be crowned as the new king when they fight X in the finals for half of a steak and a tinfoil belt that says you're the king of bum fights.

 Wilson: On Rustle Radio there was talk that you were going to “socially engineer” @Elithecomputerguy, Femanon, @TruthIzSexy, and @ohgeisty. Have you followed up on that?

Shm00p: That was a psyop.

 Wilson: Also I noticed you guys were using the word “social engineer” instead of “hack,” Is that because hacking is for owls and you guys are different? So the way you are getting into these Twitter accounts is by social engineering... is that harder than hacking?

Shm00p: The word hack is thrown around WAY too much lately, and it's sort of disappointing. I myself was a member of UGNazi and would never ever claim myself as a hacker even with running with them. We say social engineer because it's what we do - we manipulate the stupidity of people in order to gain laughs or in several cases, Twitter accounts. Also, hacking is for Jews. Fuck Jews.

 Wilson: I see people like MrsTrick (@Sukinah_Hussain), Certifiedg00n (@t00lz_), and  ITZ dooM (@itsd00m) talking with some of the same characters that Rustle does. Do you know any of them? If so how do you feel about them?

Shm00p: Never heard of them, but they sound like swell people ;)

 Wilson: What’s the longest you've spent in front of your computer?

Shm00p: My whole life.