indexes all surveillance manufacturers in the world describes itself as "a working wiki project to document vendors and manufacturers of surveillance equipment that are used in dictatorships and democracies around the internets." 


The wiki came into being after Telecomix, a decentralized group devoted to freedom of expression, leaked the Blue Coat logs from Syria, which detailed the deep packet interception that the Syrian government was employing to identify protesters. Since then Blue Cabinet has compiled an impressive list of private surveillance companies located around the world. No surprise that the United States has the most "green badger" or contractor tech surveillance companies (with over 150). In March Reporters Without Borders published a study entitled "Enemies of the Internet" that highlighted that surveillance technology used against dissidents in countries like Egypt, Bahrain and Libya was mostly supplied by western companies. Below is a commercial for an Italian company called Hacking Team that prides itself on "lawful" interception of encrypted data with a Remote Control System (RCS) named Da Vinci.