Zaia Srour

Age: 36   Sex: Male   Location: Northern Syria   Occupation: Mujahideen  |  Marital Status: Single   Children: 0

Appearance: Wrapped in all black with details of the Flag of Jihad, Zaia hardly ever smiles. His gestalt is one of terror and while he may preach unity among his brothers, it's clear his allegiance lies only with himself. Zaia is also known for a marquee gold pistol whose earliest provenance can be traced to early Gaddafi-era Libya.  

Political Slant: Under the guise of hardline Islam, Zaia is more a soldier of fortune than anything else. He has followed the wave of violence during the Arab Spring from Libya to Mali to Iraq and now to Syria. It's no wonder then that he is part of ISIS, the most unforgiving Salafist group in Syria. Many of the worshipers of the conservative Muslim faith believe ISIS has overstepped their boundaries and is simply about absolute power. Zaia might be the most obvious proponent of this modern ISIS ideology.